'Ningyo' in Phantasm Japan, edited by Nick Mamatas (Haikasoru).

'The Governess and We' in Steampunk World, edited by Sarah Hans.

'Sixty Years in the Women's Province' in GigaNotoSaurus.

'When We Harvested the Nacre-Rice' in Solaris Rising 3, edited by Ian Whates (Solaris Books).

'Five Hundred and Ninety-Nine' in The Mammoth Book of Steampunk Adventures, edited by Sean Wallace. 'Elision' in La Femme, edited by Ian Whates (NewCon Press).  


‘Elision’ in La Femme, edited by Ian Whates (NewCon Press). A private detective is engaged to investigate mysterious footage. 3,800 words.

'Golden Daughter, Stone Wife' in Beneath Ceaseless Skies (April 2014). An immigrant sorcerer, her lost golem, and a compromise of winter. Podcast read by Folly Blaine. 7,500 words. Subscriptions.

'Autodidact' in Clarkesworld Magazine (April 2014). A sentient starship, a psychologist, a soldier and the battlefield they make of one another. Podcast read by Kate Baker. 5,800 words. Subscriptions | Patreon.  

'Zeraquesh in Absentia' in The Dark (Feb 2014). Weightless Books. A police officer and a private eye seek a missing person in the haunted city. 2,800 words.

Silent Bridge, Pale Cascade' in Clarkesworld Magazine (Dec 2013). Amazon | Weightless Books. A general is brought back from the dead to conquer the world of her birth. 5,200 words. Podcast read by Kate Baker.
  • Reprinted in Space Opera, edited by Rich Horton (Prime Books).
'Fade to Gold' in End of the Road, edited by Jonathan Oliver (Solaris Books). Amazon | Amazon UK. Desire, monstrosity, and a journey home. 4,800 words.
'Paya-Nak' in Scigentasy. Love after death. 4,900 words.  

'Vector' in We See a Different Frontieredited by Djibril al-Ayad and Fabio Fernandes. Amazon | Amazon UK | Wizard's Tower.

 'The Bees Her Heart, The Hive Her Belly' in Clockwork Phoenix 4edited by Mike Allen. A woman with bees instead of a heart. Amazon | Amazon UK | Amazon Canada | Barnes and Noble.
'Annex' in Clarkesworld Magazine (April 2013). Memory and music. 3,800 words. Podcast read by Kate Baker.

'The Crows Her Dragon's Gate' in Beneath Ceaseless Skies (April 2013). A sun goddess finds herself. 8,500 words.


'Woman of the Sun, Woman of the Moon' in GigaNotoSaurus (Nov 2012). Houyi the Archer brings down the nine suns. 14,900 words.

'Chang'e Dashes from the Moon' in Expanded Horizons (Aug 2012). Chang'e escapes with help from her wife and a descendant. Sequel to 'Woman of the Sun, Woman of the Moon'. 6,000 words.
'Courtship in the Country of Machine-Gods' in The Future Fire (Sep 2012). Two young women find love and loss in a time of war. 11,200 words.

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