The Hegemony

These are all the stories I've published which take place in the universe I loosely call the Hegemony, though the universe is in actuality bigger than the Hegemony's administrative bounds. There are two primary powers there, the Costeya Hegemony itself and the Cotillion, which have long been at uneasy peace. 

Each story stands alone perfectly well! Some of them are directly connected, though, and feature the same characters. General Lunha and the cyberneticist Esithu tend to recur more than most.  


'Annex'™ in Clarkesworld Magazine (April 2013). In the face of conquest, submit or subvert. 3,800 words. Podcast read by Kate Baker.  

'The Bees Her Heart, The Hive Her Belly' Clockwork Phoenix 4, edited by Mike Allen (2013). A woman with bees in place of a heart sets off in search of a lost sister. Reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy 2014 edited by Rich Horton (Prime Books). 6,600 words.  

'˜When We Harvested the Nacre-Rice'™ in Solaris Rising 3, edited by Ian Whates (Solaris Books, 2014). On a planet engaged in secret war, everyone is a combatant. 5,000 words.  

'Silent Bridge, Pale Cascade' Clarkesworld Magazine (Dec 2013). A general is brought back from the dead to conquer the world of her birth. 5,200 words. Podcast read by Kate Baker. Reprinted in Space Opera, edited by Rich Horton (Prime Books).  


Elision in La Femme, edited by Ian Whates (NewCon Press, 2014). A private detective is engaged to investigate mysterious footage. 3,800 words.

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