Monday, February 10, 2014

Common questionable (?) makeup wisdom

1. Black eyeliner is too harsh for the daytime. Wear brown instead. ('This may not apply to all skin colour but the expert says, "Here is a general rule: dark colors shrink and recede," Patel says. "Light colors advance and bring forward." That's why she recommends skipping black eyeliner (especially underneath eyes) during the day, so your eyes look more open and awake'.)

I've never been able to understand this one. This could be due to my skin being on the deep end of things - any liner 'weaker' than black would not go very far in defining my eyes! But my paler friends and colleagues also wear black liner, even liquid ones which tend to pull dramatic. The same goes with most people I know who wear makeup, black is the definite standard (and I don't think it looks 'too harsh', not that I feel like I ought to pass opinion on what other people do with their faces!). This might, possibly, be an Asia thing? I wouldn't line my waterline with black in the daytime, to be fair, though that's because I just about never line my waterline. (I'd get irritated and my eyes would tear up).

2. Blue eyeshadow is unwearable. (Source! '"Blue eyeshadow works for some people," Patel says. " such as little girls in dance recitals. Guests at 1970s-themed parties. Ethereal looking supermodels. If you aren't one of the aforementioned people, don't wear it. Enough said." Harsh, but truer words have never been spoken.')

I would definitely not try wearing baby blue shades - having to do with my skin being in the Guerlain shades with 'dore' prefixes - but I find most other blues perfectly easy to wear. Navy is fantastic for smokey eyes or pairing with gold or yellow, green-leaning blues in general are lovely and flattering on most people! Purple-leaning blues may be trickier but I've definitely found ways to make them work. I do tend to suspect that navy blues would not look especially good if you are aiming for 'ethereal supermodel' either. ^.^;

(Now I want to know how to pronounce that 'dore'. I hope it doesn't sound like 'dour'. I am not a dour person! Neither is my skin!)

3. Bold eyes or bold lips, not both!

I'm of two minds about this one - I do think if I'm going light on the eye makeup I've all the liberty in the world to do statement lips. The 'smokey eyes and nude lips' approach really doesn't work for me though, I can't stand nude lips on myself, it looks - er - it makes me look like a dead person or as if I've got a terminal disease. Unpleasant!

4. No metallics or shimmer on 'mature' eyelids.

I'm *definitely* heading toward the, um, more mature end of things but I've been lucky in that the skin around my eyes and my eyelids haven't expressed this too strongly, so I still wear metallic finishes or foil them with sealants or water for even more shimmer. I do admit matte or satin finishes do obscure fine lines and creases better....

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